Over the past few years hashtags have transformed from something fun and experimental to an essential marketing tool that helps businesses promote their products or services.  According to a study by Simply Measured, posts with at least one hashtag have an average of 12.6% more engagement than those which don’t.

The Benefits of Hashtags

There are many advantages to having the right combination of hashtags associated with your posts on sites like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube:

  • Your posts are easier to find
  • You increase your chances of attracting more followers
  • Hashtags increase the likelihood of getting “likes”
  • Hashtags help brands track the effectiveness of their posts

Make the Most of Your Hashtags

The problem businesses have with hashtags is that they do not use ones which are the most effective for their business.  What makes hashtags even more complicated is that trending hashtag terms are different from country to country and they can change from day to day.

  1. Make your hashtag easy to read

Create a hashtag that is easy to read even with the spaces omitted.

  1. Make it memorable

A catchy hashtag will inspire your friends and followers to take action. Your readers may also use the hashtag to look up what other people are saying about a topic.

  1. Give it time

Use your hashtag consistently on relevant posts for the next several weeks and see how your readers respond.  You can always introduce new or trending hashtags at the same time to draw more attention to your posts.

Explore Your Digital Marketing Options

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