Nearly two years ago Google announced their “Purchases on Google” pilot, but it was only recently that the company introduced their much anticipated “Buy” button in beta.

Google has yet to make an official announcement about the new feature.  But advertisers who qualify for the program can now request access to the beta version of “Purchases on Google” through the Merchant Center Programs section in the Google Merchant Center.

A Program in Its Infancy

The hope is that by adding the “Buy” button Google will be able to compete against the top e-commerce giants.  At this time, however, there are several limitations which may make it difficult for customers and merchants to take advantage of “Purchases on Google:”

  • Only US retailers can use this feature at this time
  • Only Google Wallet users will be able to purchase products
  • Only Android users will be able to view the “Buy” button

Making the Most out of Your Google AdWords Campaign

Regardless of whether or not you qualify for this new feature from Google, there is a lot you can do with AdWords to enhance your web presence:

  1. Go For Quality, Not Quantity

Invest in uncovering the few keywords which lead to the most conversions and inject these into your ad campaigns.  It’s better to have only a handful of effective keywords than to have several unproductive ones.

  1. Accelerate Your Ads

Look into changing your AdWords “Standard Delivery” option to “Accelerated Delivery.”  This switch will ensure that your ads will appear in every eligible search until your daily budget is spent.

  1. Include Keywords in Your Title

Rather than only have a keyword appear in the body of the ad, include it in the headline.  This will move your ad up the list of eligible advertisements and increase the likelihood of you being found by potential customers.

Refresh Your Google AdWords Campaign with SSP

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