Landing pages are the heart and soul of inbound marketing.  If you’re tired of waiting by the phone on a Friday night, integrate a full scale inbound marketing program complete with landing page campaigns.  You’ll have so many suitors; you won’t know what to do with them all!

What is a Landing Page?

According to HubSpot, a landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form (AKA a conversion form).  There are several ways you can bring traffic & increase sales with landing pages, which you can learn about in our Top 10 Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages.”

How Sales with Landing Pages Work

Entice someone to fill out the lead-capture form on your landing page by offering valuable content.  Content is king in today’s marketing.  Within your landing page, you should have a call to action (CTA) tied to an offer or a current promotion, so you can capture your lead’s contact information.  In order to illustrate this concept better, let’s walk through an example.

Top of the funnel Lead Generation example|Small Screen Producer |Inbound marketing HoustonA mom of three young children is considering installing a swimming pool. They frequently host neighborhood block parties, so she wants something that’s safe for the children, but also offers fun for the adults.  She performs a Google search with the terms “swimming pool planning,” and Pool Builder X’s blog article titled “How to Plan the Perfect Pool” appears in the results.  She clicks through and reads the tips and insight Pool Builder X provides.  On the side of this blog post is a call to action promoting a free consultation to help plan the perfect pool. The mom clicks through to the offer landing page and completes the lead-capture form.  Pool Builder X has set himself up as an informative resource that cares that she plans the right pool for her lifestyle.  Best of all, this mom wants Pool Builder X to contact her.  Imagine that.

Getting Website Visitors Is Not Enough

Marketers work so hard to advertise and bring potential leads to their website, but what happens when they get there?  There’s more to building a website than making something look pretty.  Your website, to reach its full potential, needs to have lead generation strategy throughout.  The more landing pages you build, the better.  Based on what landing pages your potential leads navigate to, you’ll be able to tell exactly what they’re interested in and they opted in to speak with you.  It’s a win-win. Building landing pages campaign throughout your overall marketing plan is ingenious and a smart way to market yourself.

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