The new year may not be here for at least a couple of months, but website builders and enthusiasts already have some predictions about what website design trends we might see in 2018.  Here are just a few which we think will play an integral role in website design in the next year.


  1. 360-degree Videos

Proof that 360-degree videos and VR is a growing trend is all around us.  Almost anyone can get their hands on a VR headset thanks to the varying scale of price points, and more app developers are creating technology designed specifically for VR and 360-degree videos.


Virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree videos are the future of video marketing. They’re fresh, they’re engaging, and customers absolutely love them.  They offer a complete perspective of anything you choose to make a video of, like a product, a prototype, or an event.


  1. Progressive Website Applications

Progressive web apps blend standard web app functions with web page features.  With these apps, brands can offer a variety of extra functions, like:

  • Push notifications
  • Offline modes
  • Splash screens

Progressive web apps look like regular website pages or native mobile apps, which customers find more engaging and easier to use.  They are also more reliable and faster than a mobile app.


  1. Natural Language Processing

We wrote a post a few months go about how voice search is on the rise.  Websites are now starting to incorporate “intelligent conversational bots” that allow users to use natural language rather than keywords to navigate websites, search for product information, and more.


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