If you have a pool and spa business and pay a fortune for marketing, you likely spend a significant chunk of it on pay-per-click advertising for a good reason – it’s highly effective. PPC marketing enables you to stick to a marketing budget because you are not paying unless your campaign works well. But what if your marketing seems to fall somehow short, yet your budget starts exceeding, and you make no progress when it comes to revenue? It may be due to click fraud. Here we explain what Google Ads click fraud is and how you can prevent it.

What is Google Ads Click Fraud?

Click fraud is a common black hat technique that falsely raises your pay per click ad count. There are a couple of reasons why click fraud occurs:

  • Your competitors are trying to sabotage your campaign by clicking on it
  • The publishers are generating false clicks to get more revenue where you are publishing the ad

Either way, click fraud is harmful to your business because you will spend unnecessary amounts of money on a campaign yielding zero results.

How Does It Affect You?

A whole industry has been created based on defrauding companies who advertise online. Some do it for malicious reasons, and some do it to benefit your competitors. All this leads to a loss of advertising budget and money.

According to reports, 20% of clicks on PPC ads are fraudulent. Further, fake traffic generated due to click fraud leads to a loss of $60 billion a year.

The problem of click farms is a well-known factor. Many companies set up click farms in poorer countries and use this technique for their gain. They can use malware, complex technology, and sheer manpower to knock off your stride and jeopardize your company’s future.

How Do You Prevent Click Fraud?

Google Ads is an excellent marketing platform, but depending on how competitive your industry is, you can be losing a lot of money and visibility. Search engines have not been doing nearly enough to mitigate the Google Ads Click Fraud issue because this is more money in their pocket. And despite Google’s claim, many marketers still say that this is a major issue in the industry.

You can take the matters in your own hands using a click fraud prevention tool like Click Cease. For Small Screen Producer and Pool Marketing Site clients, every Google Ad campaign comes with Click Cease standard to protect your business from click fraud.

How Do Click Fraud Prevention Tools work?

Programs like Click Cease monitor every single click on your campaign and track the VPN, IP, device, etc. to determine if the click is genuine. If fraudulent people are misusing your campaign, Click Cease adds their IPs to the Google AdWords IP exclusion list, which means they will no longer see your campaign.

  • Click Cease analyzes your site traffic. By analyzing every incoming traffic source via many complex parameters, it decides which IPs are fraudulent so that you can block them. Proactively preventing click fraud saves you from having to completely block out whole locations and lose out on the right traffic.
  • It quarantines the fraudulent IP addresses, so they cannot regenerate new ways of misusing your campaign.

In the end, it comes down to the dollars you are saving. Every click costs money, and by using Click Cease, you protect your investment and gain good views that benefit your company.

That’s why at Small Screen Producer and Pool Marketing Site, we use Click Cease on all of our clients’ Google Ads campaigns. Getting real results for our clients is essential to us, so we take every possible measure to protect your business and your ad budget.

Want to start running effective Google Ads campaigns for your pool and spa business? We can help.

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