All companies, especially startups and small businesses, need to secure and manage their online directory listing. Without accurate and optimized directory listings, it will be hard for potential customers to find your business online, costing you money. Also, optimized and accurate directory listings will improve your website SEO and bring more leads to your website. Here we break down what directory listings are and why they matter to you.

What are Directory Listings? 

Directory listings are records of information and contact details for a business listed online for potential customers to find through a simple Google search. 

Securing your information on a variety of platforms will give your business credibility and authenticity. The higher traffic platforms are always checking for information accuracy against smaller business listing sites [1]. 

How Will Directory Listings Help Secure Your Online Presence? 

In any industry, including the pool & spa industry, your online presence will always be affected by user-generated content. People can only talk about your business online if they can find it. Leaving reviews is important because it shows your business impacted the users enough to go to your Google, Yelp, or Facebook listings and leave comments. To make it easy for your customers to leave reviews, you need to secure and optimize your online directory listings.

One survey showed that most tech-savvy people have written or at least read a review for different companies and that 70% of the user-generated content was by people between the ages of 25 and 54 [2]. 

Directories are more than just an SEO strategy to boost website ranking. While this is important, it’s not the only reason we recommended managing your listings. 

A Great Tool For Securing and Managing Online Directory Listings

If you want to make sure your directory listings are always well-optimized and accurate, we can help. Internet Reputation Protector is an all-in-one reputation and communication solution that lets you automatically collect and monitor your reviews, secure and manage your directory listings, and streamline your customer interactions. 

Features of Internet Reputation Protector 

1. Automated customer review management that collects, monitors, and promotes new customer reviews 

2. Manage all of your customer interactions in one place

3. Easily promote your business in over 50+ Top Directories, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. It also compiles the positive reviews from over 50 review sites into one SEO-optimized business profile. 

4. Get access to data insights that you can use to optimize your website 

5. Mass texting to reach your customers directly

6. Review Support Tickets so you never forget to respond to a customer review

7. Track your team’s performance with Leaderboards

8. Automatically send engaging customer surveys

9. Chat with customers right on your website with Webchat features

With Internet Reputation Protector, you get more functionality than Podium, Broadly, and Chekkit for a fraction of the price. [4]. 

Internet Reputation Protector starts at just $189 monthly. That’s a lot of dollars you’ll be saving in the long run compared to a service like Podium. Ultimately, Internet Reputation Protector is the ultimate solution for pool and spa businesses to control their online reputation and improve customer relations without spending extra time and resources.

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