Facebook Reactions to posts have been in effect for a little over a year now, with users being able to easily show that they loved, laughed at, or were angered by a post by posting a small emoticon in place of a “Like.”  Recently, Facebook confirmed that its newsfeed algorithm is favoring posts that feature one or more reactions over those with the traditional “Like.”

Why Are Facebook Reactions So Important?

The current Facebook Reactions available for users to choose from are:

  • Love
  • Haha
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry

The social media giant has confirmed that all reactions will carry equal importance, with a “Love” being weighted the same as a “Sad”, a “Haha” being just as significant as a “Angry”, and so on.

Facebook has made this switch because users who choose a reaction are more engaged.  Not only does a “reaction” show that the user felt compelled to share their feelings about a post, but selecting a reaction takes longer and therefore more commitment than simply tapping the “Like” option.

Is Your Content Being Seen?

Without your content being reacted to or even liked, it is estimated that only around 1% of your followers are seeing your content.

This new change brings about an obvious implication for brands: You need to create content that is more likely to generate reactions than bland, generic posts and videos.  Posting a funny video will generate more “Haha’s” while negative reactions will encourage “Sad” or “Angry” reactions.

The key is to find content that is engaging and that matches your brand’s messaging in order to make the greatest impact online.  You may even be able to use reactions to the content you post as your own marketing intel that will help you determine what content is working and what isn’t on Facebook.

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