During Google’s Cloud Next conference in San Francisco yesterday, the company announced that it was launching a new machine learning API known as Cloud Video Intelligence that will be able to automatically recognize objects in videos.  This technology will also make items in videos searchable online.

The “World of Pixels” Going Beyond Images

Prior to this technology, similar image recognition APIs available in the cloud could only extract entities from still images.  Through the new Cloud Video Intelligence API, however, video developers can build applications that have the ability to automatically extract entities from a video, such as “shoe” or “swimming pool”.

Some of the new intelligence features include:

  • Label detection
  • Regionalization
  • Short change detection

At this time these videos must be uploaded and stored in Google’s cloud storage service.

Immediate Benefits of Cloud Video Intelligence

Cloud Video Intelligence makes it possible for you to search every second of every video file in your Google Cloud Storage. It also allows developers to discover actionable insights from their video files and uncover new entities in each scene.

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