Earlier this month Google confirmed in an official statement that they will stop supporting all unskippable 30-second ads on YouTube sometime in 2018.  In its place they will switch over to 6-second unskippable “bumper ads” which the organization introduced in 2016.

Why Is Google Doing This?

Google found that their viewers hated the 30 second unskippable advertisements.  When compared to the 6-second unskippable ad format, less viewers stuck around to view their desired YouTube videos when the 30-second ads were present.

The Takeaway for Marketers

Audience engagement and the length of a video are inversely proportional.  The phrase “keep it short, but sweet” could not be more true when it comes to video content.  While advertisements are different than, say, a video testimonial or a how-to video, the shorter you can make a video, the better.

Tips for Breaking Up Longer Videos

There may be times when you need to have a longer and more detailed video in order to explain your brand or your product.  What you can do is break up that longer video into smaller segments so that your viewers still get the message but in easily digestible chunks.

  • Create a video series (i.e. Part 1, Part 2, etc.)
  • Break up the content into separate video content ideas (i.e. The history behind the brand, new product reveals, how your brand looks today, special training and qualifications you have earned, etc.)
  • Make video “teasers” for longer content

Want to Create Your Own Unskippable Ad?

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