Google is introducing a new insights tool that is set to give retailers a better understanding of customers’ shopping habits in the U.S. at a local level.

Currently in beta testing, the new Shopping Insights feature will highlight search intent trends for 5,000 of the most popular products sold on Google Shopping. This new tool will let users see product trends over time via heat maps, and it even goes a little a beyond what is offered on Google Trends to offer marketers information such as device level and top cities that can be targeted in AdWords.

Other Notable Features:

Rather than listing individual keywords as displayed in Google Trends, Insights will aggregate all related product queries under one item in Shopping Insights.

Retailers will be able to compare product demand, at a local level where they have stores, and strategize on advertising for online campaigns.

Shopping Insights is designed to pick up on major trends and shows retailers popular products that they may not be advertising or carrying. And search is not limited to specific product, but product type.

Shopping Insights is a very useful tool for those looking to find out purchase intent from users searching on Google.

Marketing Land reported that, so far, the beta version of this tool is very manual. Users will have to search by city separately to pull significant data but there isn’t a way to export data. The beta version will include data from April 2014 to September 2015, and Google says the data will be updated manually and it will continue adding products to the tool.

Here’s a demo video of Google Shopping Insights: