Facebook users who consistently engage with holiday content found on Facebook and Instagram can expect to be served some holiday-related ads from on the social network, thanks to a new ad target segment.

The new segment, which will be available Thanksgiving to New Year’s day, allows brands to reach customers who are “highly engaged” with content related to holiday shopping, which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The segment can be used in any advertising format available on Facebook or Instagram. According to social network, the segment will present a new way “to reach the most engaged and scaled audience related to the season,” targeting holiday planning and retail-related activity. Facebook will look for holiday related keywords that users publish on feeds as well as any posts they like, comment, and share from friends.

This new segment can be found on the dashboard in the “Behaviors” section under the “Seasonal and Events” category.

Advertisers, do you think this will be a useful advertising targeting segment? How likely are you to use this segment to target customers this holiday season?