YouTube recently announced that they will be allowing a lot more users to start live-streaming from their smartphones.

The Google-owned company has offered the ability for YouTubers to launch live-streams from their desktop computers for a while now, and in February of this year they began offering their mobile live-streaming to channels with a minimum of 10,000 subscribers.  Just recently YouTube has started to roll this feature out to channels with over 1,000 subscribers.

How to Live-Stream from Your Smartphone on YouTube

Anyone can now live-stream via their smartphone device on YouTube if:

a) They have a verified YouTube channel; and
b) They have over 1,000 subscribers

To start your own live-stream, you can tap the “camera” icon at the top of the display.  Tap “go live”, add a thumbnail image and choose who you will be streaming to (public or unlisted), and you are ready to start streaming.

Why It Makes Sense for Brands To “Go Live”

There are several reasons to start live-streaming your brand:

  • It creates a stronger bond between you and your viewership
  • It helps you tell your story, your way
  • It delivers an engaging human element and makes your brand seem more “real”

Here are a few ideas you can try out for your next live-streaming event:

  • Company announcements (product launches, charity work, donations, organization changes, etc.)
  • Culture videos (how the office is set up, live-stream an office birthday celebration, etc.)
  • Educational content (product demonstrations, Q&A sessions, running an event, etc.)

Videos Make Your Audience Feel Included

Videos – live-streaming or otherwise – make your audience feel as if they are part of your brand.  Let Small Screen Producer help you engage your audience through video and other online strategies!

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