Some brands have left Google AdWords by the wayside because they felt it was not intuitive or specific enough for their needs.  But since the launch of Experience, Google AdWords’ newest UI, there have been a number of improvements that can help your brand better leverage its marketing efforts.


1. Detailed Landing Page Reporting

The latest Google AdWords updates have put a greater focus on landing pages.  This year, in addition to the updates in 2017, users will find further actionable data like:

  • AMP clicks
  • Mobile-friendly click rates
  • Average cost per click information


2. Customizable Columns for Keywords and Ads

Google AdWords users have been able to build their own custom metrics at a campaign and ad group level for a few years now.  But this year the tech giant has updated these options, with users now being able to create customizable columns at a keyword and ad level.


3. Easy-To-Use Promo Extensions

Through the most recent promotion extensions update, brands can easily add an additional tab of information to their Google Ads, like:

  • Product information
  • Discount codes
  • Sale start and end dates


4. A/B Testing in Minutes

The updated AdWords and Ad Variations option allows users to conduct their own A/B tests on ads and copy with a single click of a button.  The product is designed to provide only statistically relevant results, making it easier for you to break through the “data clutter” which may have otherwise drained away hours of your valuable time.


5. Bolstered Matching Options

Since 2015, Google has offered customer matching options, a tool where marketers can upload customer data and show ads to users based on that information.  It’s a great opportunity for both marketing and remarketing, and it has now become even better with users now being able to upload existing customer files with more detailed information like mailing addresses and phone numbers.


6. Beefed Up Targeting Options

AdWords recently announced the addition of Custom Intent audiences, an option designed to help marketers create better and more insightful custom audiences.  While this option is currently only available for the Display Network, it goes a long way in helping brands better target individuals who are more likely to buy through keyword inputs and machine learning.


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