Top advertising agencies have estimated that 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be video by next year.  But because of budget restraints, time restraints, or simply not understanding its importance, many businesses simply choose to leave video marketing by the wayside.

We get it – writing, producing and posting video can seem like a laborious and costly task.  But the reality is that without video, you’ve already started to fall behind the competition.  Here are 3 reasons why video should be included in your marketing campaigns:

1. Everyone’s Watching

No other form of media or online content has proven to be as engaging as video.  Whether we are watching it intentionally or not, we all tend to stop and watch when we see a video, even if it is for just a few seconds at a time.

Here are some other compelling stats about online video viewing:

  • Half a billion Facebook users are watching videos every day
  • One third of Internet users are devoting their time to watching videos online
  • Emails with the word “video” mentioned in their title have a 19 percent increase in open rates

Video marketing also means higher retention rates when compared to text-based content.  With a marketing method this effective, it’s no wonder that an estimated 87 percent of marketers and 35 percent of company online ad budgets will be spent on video this year.

2. Video Marketing Sells

From educating the public about your brand to sharing customer testimonials, nothing will boost your conversion rates like video.

  • Landing pages with videos can increase conversion rates by 80 percent
  • 4x more buyers prefer to watch videos about products than read about them
  • A whopping 90 percent of consumers say that video marketing helps them make purchase decisions (and 64 percent will buy a product online after viewing a video about it)

It’s no mystery why video marketing sells products.  With viewers being able to see how the product words and literally envision how it can benefit their lives, you leave a better and more memorable impression on leads and customers than if you were to simply write about it.

3. Video Is More Accessible Than Ever

Video marketing accessibility has grown in two ways:

  • More people than ever are able to watch videos from anywhere and at any time (on their television while watching YouTube, on their desktop, through a mobile device, etc.)
  • Brands finally have access to affordable video marketing services

Small Screen Producer specializes in providing brands of all shapes and sizes with affordable, technologically advanced video creation and production services.  No matter what your budget and business goals, our team partners with brands to design and deliver engaging video content that will share your product and your brand with the world.

Use our extensive video marketing portfolio as inspiration for your next project, and contact us online to chat about your business goals with an experienced online marketing team member at Small Screen Producer.