Higher Visibility recently released the results of a survey where five hundred small businesses were asked questions about how well their internal team understood search engine optimization (SEO).  The results were not overly positive.

The Results From the Survey

Four hundred and twenty four businesses responded to the section of the survey which asked the about their company’s level of understanding when it came to SEO. The survey found that:

  • Over half of the respondents only had a basic understanding of SEO
  • 180 businesses didn’t know if anyone on their team understood SEO, or they reported that their team had no understanding of it.
  • Only 68 of the businesses claimed to have a “deep” understanding of SEO

It was also clear that many small businesses do not understand how much they may be harming their online marketing efforts.  38% of the respondents believed that keyword stuffing was an effective way to rank for a keyword, while 12% incorrectly thought that publishing duplicated content that had been copy and pasted from another page was okay.

Three Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy May Be Failing

SEO is constantly evolving, making it difficult for small to mid-sized businesses to stay up-to-date.  These are three of the leading SEO mistakes business make:

  1. Insufficient keyword research

Businesses are not capitalizing on the related search terms their audience and potential visitors are using.

  1. Poor or limited organic search analysis

Several businesses lack the framework to capture meaningful data about how well they are being found through organic search.

  1. Failure to understand what affects a search engine ranking

Not knowing what factors impact a company’s website ranking online is causing businesses to lose visitors and revenue.

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