Conversion is key when it comes to your Google AdWords strategy. Now you can reduce the number of uninterested visitors and increase the amount of qualified leads through the use of negative keywords.

What Are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords are words or phrases which tell Google not show your ad to anyone who enters a search term which contains a certain word or phrase.

For example, let’s say you add the word “cheap” as a negative keyword to your ad group or your campaign. You are then effectively telling AdWords not to show your ad to anyone who enters a search which includes the word “cheap”.

How Can I Find Negative Keywords?

You can find the best negative keywords for your business by using one of two tools:

  • Your Keyword Planner
  • Your search terms report

Be on the look out for terms which do not fit your business model (i.e. if you sell eye glasses, you would want to eliminate terms such as “wine glasses”), and take the time to examine the intent behind certain search terms which are driving inappropriate potential leads to your site.

How Can I Add Negative Keywords to AdWords?

After signing into your AdWords account, you can add negative keywords by doing the following:

  • Click on your “Campaigns” tab
  • Select the “Keywords” tab
  • You will then have the option of adding negative keywords to “Ad group level” and “Campaign level”

Negative keywords can be added to both by clicking on the “+Keywords” button which you can find above either table. Use the drop-down menu to select the specific ad group or campaign that you would like to add a negative keyword or phrase to, and then enter it into the text field.

The negative keywords feature is an effective way to better target your online ads while also increasing your return on investment (ROI). If you are interested in improving the performance of your AdWords campaign and other inbound marketing strategies, Small Screen Producer is here to help. We offer the most cutting edge digital marketing strategies to ensure that your business succeeds in today’s online marketplace.

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