This month Twitter users were forced to say “goodbye” to the sub-six second clips functionality known as Vines.  In its place we now have Vine Camera.

What’s the Difference?

The key difference is that Twitter will now automatically loop any video which is less than 6.5 seconds in duration.  This not only includes clips posted from Vine Camera, but it will loop any short videos saved from other apps such as SnapChat.

Why Short Videos?

One concern people have is that taking out the classic Vine and replacing it with Vine Camera may compromise Twitter’s chance of becoming a hub for quick videos.  But when done correctly, these looping videos could be creatively used for art, comedy and product demonstrations.

This looping capability can also increase the chances of a viewer remembering your video.  Whether it is running in the background or a viewer is watching it again and again for information, being able to continually watch your video without prompting increases the likelihood of user engagement.

Twitter is encouraging those with video clips and any questions about Vine Camera to visit the their “FAQs about Vine” website which you can find here.

How Businesses Can Use Vine Camera

Sit down and think about how a looping video can benefit your business.  For instance, a looping video can:

  • Quickly share the story behind your brand
  • Demonstrate how a product or service works
  • Be used in a booth at a tradeshow to help you stand out from your competition

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