LinkedIn has suffered lack of engagement as of late which prompted this social media network to get to work and change their website.  But what LinkedIn changes will be made, and how can you figure out which social networks are worth your time and which are not?

The Up and Coming LinkedIn Changes

Over the next several weeks and months LinkedIn users will see changes in the following:

  • Redesigned Navigation

The navigation will know focus on seven key areas, including Home (your feed), My Network, Jobs, Notifications, Messaging, Me, and Search.

  • Messaging

This new messaging service is similar to what is offered by Facebook and allows you to message connections regardless of where you may be on the LinkedIn website.

  • The Feed

LinkedIn’s goal is to provide you with relevant content, which is why they will include both human and robot edits to help drive the most relevant content to your newsfeed.

  • Search

While no information has been released about their search functions, promises have been made that LinkedIn search will improve upon the appearance and the relevance of their search results.

  • Content Insights

LinkedIn is promising to not only list the name of those who engage with your content, but their company, job title and location.

  • Profile Suggestions

Another component of the LinkedIn changes is making suggestions to help make your profile stronger, like adding the top job skills which are in demand at the time.

Is LinkedIn For You?

In a perfect world you are able to represent your business 100% of the time across any marketing channel possible.  But those who have attempted this are often faced with time-consuming defeat.

LinkedIn is a good platform for businesses who do business with other businesses.  It is a fantastic way to reach out and get your name on the Rolodex of other businesses out there and it can help grow your business.  But if you do not “do” business with other companies out there or are primarily a “B2C” or business to customer company, this network it may not be worth your time.

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