The Fourth of July is right around the corner and customers are looking to celebrate.  Part of celebrating Independence Day almost always involves splurging a bit, whether that is on a new red-white-and-blue outfit, a new barbeque, or food to share at an upcoming Fourth of July shindig.

Whatever your business may be, there are a number of things you can do even last minute to promote your brand and increase conversions this Independence Day.

  1. Go Red, White and Blue

Show your patriotic side online and emphasize the colors red, white and blue on your email campaigns, on blog posts, and on social media posts.  If you have a physical store, be sure to decorate it in these colors and snap pictures of your displays to share online.

  1. Create Fourth of July Content

Think about how your brand can be associated with the Fourth of July, and produce content that is related to your brand and the holiday.  If you are an interior decorator, for example, you can share helpful tips for how people can decorate their home, store or office space to commemorate the day.  If you sell a product, figure out how your product can fit into the day and produce content based on that.

  1. Hold a Contest

Encourage your friends and followers to post images of their Fourth of July celebration and to share them with you.  Ask them to include a hashtag (for the contest itself and for your brand) so that it is easier for you to follow and to boost your brand’s reach online.

Happy Independence Day from Small Screen Producer!

Small Screen Producer wishes you and your family a fantastic Fourth of July filled with fun and relaxation.  You deserve it!