Marketing automation is evolving to be one of the best tools for marketers. When used correctly, it can provide a spectrum of benefits to manage complex campaigns while saving time and money. Regardless of the size of a company, marketing automation has the ability to connect them to each of their customers in a highly personalized way that would otherwise be difficult to do manually.

Take a look at the top five benefits of switching to marketing automation so you can decide whether or not marketing automation is the right fit for your business.


1. Save Time & Money

Marketing automation is a huge time and money saver. That’s because you can create multiple campaigns at once, ahead of time, to schedule for a specific date and time in the future. Instead of manually scheduling an individual email for each individual customer, you have the campaign locked and loaded to send off with a single click. A single staff member can execute complex campaigns and reach more customers than he or she normally would with the manual route. Marketing automation can reduce the need for staff to spend a lot of time and effort creating and distributing messages and collecting data. Maximizing your staff resources is a big reason to go with marketing automation.


2. Reach Each Customer in a Different Way

Rather than going in and manually segmenting your customer base, marketing automation does it for you by creating restrictions that separate customers automatically into different lists based on the customer data collected. That provides you with a greater opportunity reach individual customer in the right way to move them down the buying process. For example, for a list of customers who have visited your website more than three times, you can instruct that specific customer list to receive special promotions and offers. This way, customers receive relevant messages and offers that cater to their individual needs.


3. Nurture Leads Easier


Instead of manually nurturing each lead, which can be time-consuming, marketing automation does it for your right from the beginning. For example, if a customer visits your website and signs up to receive your newsletters, you can connect with them in a follow up email automatically with a special discount coupon on their first purchase.


4. Get Detailed Reports

Marketing automation has a way of collected lots of details about your customer, when they’re visiting your website, what pages they’re visiting, what emails they’ve opened, and so on. As a result, this provides with a whole lot of detailed graphs, data, and statistics about your current online marketing strategy, which can help you optimize campaigns in the future.


5. Build Brand Presence

Lastly, a crucial determinant of success for an online marketing strategy is keeping it consistent on multiple channels. However it can be difficult to juggle consistency across channels and ensure that your staff is doing the same. Customer behavior is complex and many expect a business to not only maintain a consistent “look and feel,” but also receive regular contact from the company to remain loyal. Marketing automation allows companies to schedule tasks to help sales teams identify when to follow up and touch base with a customer. It can allow marketing teams to send off consistent messages across all channels of communication without requiring them to know graphic of web design. Marketers can create emails and forms that all have a similar design and color scheme to reinforce brand image in a simple way.

Marketing Automation Services

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