As our content marketing team can attest, creating content is hard work. If you’re going to spend time writing content, you’ll be most rewarded with a specific type of content that can provide you with long-term relevancy and ROI. If you’re new to the blog writing world, you may or may not have heard of the phrase “evergreen content”. Why is evergreen content so important to your blog’s success? Let’s take a look:

What is Evergreen Content? 

Evergreen content are posts and articles on your blog or anywhere online that will always be relevant to your target audiences. This type of content is written to drive traffic to your website for a long period of time and never quite goes “out of style.” It’s called “evergreen content” because it’s content that continues to stay fresh and relevant for readers and is considered sustainable and lasting.
Evergreen content is: 

Timeless: With the exception of a few tweaks here and there, it has the capacity to last the test of time, staying useful for readers for years.

High Quality: Evergreen content is usually very detailed and informative with minimal fluff. This is how it creates value to readers and attracts substantial views.

Smart: Evergreen content provides businesses with a way to establish authority in their industry.

Common evergreen formats are lists, downloadable guides, top tips, instructional “how to,” product reviews, and videos.


Evergreen content is not:

  • News articles on current events
  • Numerical reports or studies
  • Pieces related to a season or holiday
  • Articles focused on new trends and fashion


What are the Benefits of Evergreen Content? 

The best types of content are the ones that are shared frequently over a long period of time. That’s why evergreen content is

High Search Engine Rankings: Because of its timelessness and quality, evergreen content ranks very well in search engines over time. This makes it even more crucial for writers to make sure articles are well optimized with the right keywords to rank for certain searches.

High Traffic: Since evergreen content gets high search rankings, it gets found more and contributes a steady amount of traffic to your website or blog.

Generates Leads: Naturally, evergreen content shows off your expertise and authority in an industry. This provides potential customers with reasons why they should choose you over someone else.


How to Get Started with Evergreen Content?

When creating evergreen content for your business, make sure to:

Focus on Timeless Topics: think about basic topics you get asked over and over again from customers and avoid writing articles that hint at a timeframe, a holiday, a report, or a new trend.

Narrow Topics Down: since evergreen content has to be detailed and high quality, we recommend narrowing your topic down. By micro focusing in on a specific top, you can be detailed without losing your audience.

Write for Readers, Not Experts: the reason why evergreen content is searched and read so often because of the readers seeking basic information about a certain topic. By writing in a tone that is approachable and straightforward, you’re providing easy-to-digest information readers can refer to over and over again.

Don’t Just Share on Your Blog: what’s so great about evergreen content it can take on many forms and valuable to you almost anywhere you place it. Be sure to re-post them periodically, repurpose them into different types of content formats (guides, videos, presentations), and host them on a special resources page.

Remember to Update: evergreen content should be as timeless as possible, but from time to time, might require you to do some small tweaking, omitting those outdated details. This guarantees that content stays relevant to users.

Incorporating evergreen content in your content marketing strategy is a cost-effective way of ensuring that it lasts for years to come. And it’s incredibly rewarding for your business!