Ad retargeting is one of the most effective marketing strategies for pool and spa companies. Unlike other forms of advertising, ad retargeting gives you the opportunity to virtually tap a previous visitor to your website on the shoulder and remind them why you are the pool company they want and need.

Being the powerful marketing tactic it is, it’s important that it’s done right to get the best results. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of ad retargeting do’s and don’ts.

DO: Ad retargeting means noting the behaviors of those you’re going to retarget

Pool and spa companies can specify certain user behaviors (such as which web pages they visited when on your site) to help you best retarget different audiences in the most effective way.

DON’T: Stalk website visitors

No one likes a pushy or nagging salesperson. Overexposure will quickly squash your campaign’s performance for two reasons.

  • Prospects will begin to ignore your ads (“banner blindness”)
  • Prospects will start to develop negative associations with your brand

Set a frequency cap to limit how often ads appear to previous visitors. Be strategic with when and how you serve your ads for best results.

DO: Adjust your ad retargeting for specific audiences

Maybe you find that visitors are abandoning your website when they reach a certain page. Or they are spending more time on one page than another. When you understand these behaviors, you can make tweaks and improvements to your retargeting strategy.

DON’T: Bother converted users with the same offerings

Once a visitor has converted, stop sending them the same ads for the same offering over and over. You can still include them in your retargeting campaign – just be sure to ask them to take a different action (this is the perfect opportunity to cross-sell, upsell or offer referral deals and discounts).

DO: Bid higher if it makes sense

Bidding higher helps get your pool and spa company ads in front of your ideal audience. Putting a bit more of an investment in your ads can lead to a substantial return on your investment.

DON’T: Be afraid to ask for help

Getting started with ad retargeting is not a simple process. As effective as it is, it takes time, effort and experience to get it right.

Let the digital marketing experts at Pool Marketing Site help you with your ad retargeting campaigns. We offer a selection of retargeting options which will be customized to meet your business goals and budget.

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