One of the most effective “types” of video marketing in existence today are on-location videos. At Pool Marketing Site, we have witnessed first-hand that on-location videos are excellent in generating web traffic, broadening your social reach and serve as one of the leading ways to humanize your pool company.

It’s a well known fact that consumers prefer to do business with people they know. By producing quality videos that showcase your gorgeous poolscapes, landscaping and testimonies from employees and clients, you’re giving audiences an intimate look into who you are as a business and what you have to offer.

On-Location Videos Tell Real Stories

Authenticity wins customers. Sharing real stories about your pool building projects – including any hardships and lessons learned along the way – make your pool company more relatable, more likable, and more memorable.

Real People and Real Visuals Win Customers

Stock photos do little to help sell what it is your pool company has to offer. Revealing real projects in video with an actual human being involved in the process sharing the story behind it is compelling and enjoyable for audiences.

Showing Appreciation for Your Company and Your Customers

Producing a video in the private backyard of one of your clients shows that the client appreciates the hard work that you’ve done and that they are proud of the outcome. Choosing to showcase their backyard in your on-location shot also shows that you appreciate them for graciously allowing you into their home.

Affordable Video Services with an Experienced Pool Company Marketing Team

Pool Marketing Site was developed after we became deeply involved in the pool and spa industry some years ago. We know what it takes to make pool and spa companies excel and get ahead of the competition.

Our on-location video services are not only proven to be effective – they’re incredibly affordable! Call us now to learn more about our services, including our low-cost monthly subscription option, at (281) 940-3798.