The best one-stop shop for backyard fun and entertaining is in M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. Whatever your preferred past time is, Adcock Pool, Spa, & Billiards has what you need and they know how to have fun. They’re a locally owned and operated family business that specializes pool construction and repair, patio grills, tanning beds, billiards and amazing  Read More

Creating a vision for your business is one thing, but effectively communicating that vision to a distracted online audience is something completely different. Let’s be honest, it’s flat out difficult to explain what your business is all about to customers, partners, investors, and big decision makers when you have a lot of complicated information to  Read More

For over 20 years, Palace Pools has just about seen it all in the pool industry. They started off as a pool cleaning and pool service company and noticed the need for impeccable customer service and innovative technique, two features that were lacking with many pool companies in the Jacksonville, Florida area. With that in  Read More

Tweets, hashtags, mentions, and replies. Jeesh. There’s a long list of lingo associated with this fast-paced, real-time social network, which is said to have over 232 million monthly active users. The Basics: Main Purpose: This particular social media platform is one-of-a-kind from its counterparts like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. Twitter allows users to share  Read More