What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content is content that appears on other places online (under different URLs) in an effort to boost keyword density or traffic. An example of duplicate content would be a page offering a “printer friendly” version of an article or a news aggregator that collects headlines and content from different sources  Read More

Sparkling urban oases are hard to come by in the concrete jungle of New York City where space is extremely limited. They do exist, though, sparkling and scattered throughout on rooftops and penthouses of the thriving city. And it’s New York City’s custom pool builder Mill Bergen Pools that has specialized in creating these pristine  Read More

Get ready to nourish your mind, body, heart and soul.  Hot Body Yoga in Frisco, Texas is set to make a positive impact in every aspect of your life with just a yoga mat. Owner Wendy Randall’s vision was to create a place for everyone to enjoy yoga, regardless of age, experience, fitness level and  Read More