How often do you hear about the “hottest new trend in marketing”? With so many new trends coming out all the time, you might be a bit skeptical about which ones are here to stay. You read about a new trend and think to yourself, “That will never last.” And you’re probably right most of  Read More

Testimonial videos present a viewer with the most powerful form of marketing directly from those who have experienced a product, brand, or service first hand. With over 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before purchasing (BusinessWeek) and reviews can boost conversion by 20% ( Testimonial videos not only present your audience with a customer  Read More

Get ready for something really Awesome. Google is taking huge leaps in improving the photo and video experiences on their social media network and unveiled some brand new features on Tuesday that are worth taking a look at, including a new multimedia tool called Auto Awesome Movies. Auto Awesome lets you take photos and videos and  Read More