Get ready for something really Awesome. Google is taking huge leaps in improving the photo and video experiences on their social media network and unveiled some brand new features on Tuesday that are worth taking a look at, including a new multimedia tool called Auto Awesome Movies.

Auto Awesome lets you take photos and videos and combine or “stitch” them into short animations, actions shots, and panoramic images using a wide-range of photo effects. Other updates and improvements include better auto-enhance options, additional search terms for photos, and advanced editing tools. If this sounds really overwhelming to you, don’t worry, we’ll go through each and even show you how to make your very own Auto Awesome projects. Here we go!

Auto Awesome Photos

Google+ Gets Auto (Matically More) Awesome | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston


Google+ Auto Awesome provides you with more options for enhancing photos than ever before. Google has already been tweaking images while automatically backing up the original to the service (nothing new). Now, they offer more options that allow you to toggle or adjust how much enhancement you actually want for brightness, noise, shadows, vignettes, etc.


If you upload multiple photos that look like they were taken in rapid succession, Google can turn these images into GIFs (format of small moving pictures) that’s known as the Motion effect. The two newest effects that have people talking are called Action (which captures motions with a strobe effect by superimposing multiple images) and Eraser (which removes unwanted pieces from a photo background by sensing the static main subject within a series of photos).

Google+ Gets Auto (Matically More) Awesome | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston


Google+ Gets Auto (Matically More) Awesome | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

Other Google+ photo effects include Pano, which will stitch your landscape photos into a single panoramic image. And Smile, which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. If you’ve taken multiple family photos, for example, the effect will capture the best shots of everyone from those photos and combine them into one, single, frame-worthy image. Take a look at the complete list of Auto Awesome photo effects.


Search for a particular image without having to tag any images. Google’s added 1,000 new words that can be recognized through search on Google+. Search for “dog” and get pictures of your dog. Type in “sunset” and get a gallery of all the sunsets you’ve taken. Google’s search algorithms are now so advanced that they’ll not only search for a particular type of photo, but they’ll show you your very best shots.

Auto Awesome Movies

Lastly, Auto Awesome Movies is amazing. It allows you to pick and choose photos and videos and automatically makes them more enjoyable by combining and highlighting the best parts and putting them in one single video. No extra leg work as Google automatically combines them into the ideal sequence for you and lets you choose the appropriate music, theme, and style to go along. Additionally, the feature is equipped with an algorithm that will attempt to take the video transitions and match them with the music selected. For those who want to manually create video, Google+ lets you do that as well.

Google+ Gets Auto (Matically More) Awesome | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

Google+ Gets Auto (Matically More) Awesome | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

Whew! We know that was a lot to take in, so here’s a Google video to show you what we’re taking about.


All of Google+’s new photo and video features are set to be available this week. Google’s Auto Awesome Movies feature will be available for Android devices (version 4.3 and up) through the Google Photos app.

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