Digital advertising has become the norm when promoting a business in the modern world. Even local companies are turning to online promotional strategies to attract more customers. The term “digital marketing” can refer to a wide range of advertising strategies. Some are free, and others cost money – such as Google search ads.  In a  Read More

Some brands have left Google AdWords by the wayside because they felt it was not intuitive or specific enough for their needs.  But since the launch of Experience, Google AdWords’ newest UI, there have been a number of improvements that can help your brand better leverage its marketing efforts.   1. Detailed Landing Page Reporting  Read More

The Google Analytics tool is a treasure chest bursting with golden insights and shiny data that every advertiser should be using to his or her advantage.  This would explain why it continues to be the most widely used web analytics tool in the world, with 45 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 64 percent of  Read More