Digital advertising has become the norm when promoting a business in the modern world. Even local companies are turning to online promotional strategies to attract more customers. The term “digital marketing” can refer to a wide range of advertising strategies. Some are free, and others cost money – such as Google search ads.  In a  Read More

Search engine optimization can be a strategic, exhaustive web strategy that can drastically improve your website traffic, but did you know there are practices that Google actually encourages to increase your website traffic even more? Google changes a lot of things on us, we have to admit, especially when it comes to SEO. And as  Read More

Google’s come out with many technical changes to its search engine in the past several months. And while these updates aren’t very obvious to the average Google user, both business owners and webmasters are scrambling to figure out what these changes will bring to their marketing and online publishing strategies. Released back in September, the  Read More