The number of small businesses who believe in the power of visual content is continuing to grow.

Visual Objects recently surveyed 529 American small businesses to learn more about three things:

  • The type of content they have been publishing
  • The effectiveness of their content
  • The content they plan to publish this year

Below are some of the key findings of their survey.

Website Design Is on Small Business Wish Lists

The survey found that 19 percent of small businesses wanted to improve user engagement. This means publishing more content (currently 74 percent publish website content on a monthly basis), and for 20 percent of respondents it involves enhancing their website design.

Company Information & Visual Content Most Popular Forms of Content for 2018

Small businesses are publishing a lot of different forms of content. The leading types for 2018 were:

  • Company information (67 percent)
  • Visual content (58 percent)
  • Product descriptions (51 percent)
  • Reviews (43 percent)
  • Videos (42 percent)
  • Blogs (30 percent)

Small Businesses Plan to Invest More in Visuals & Video for 2019

Despite company information taking top spot last year, it looks as if small businesses will be investing more in images and videos.

  • Visual content (55 percent)
  • Videos (42 percent)
  • Blog posts and articles (33 percent)
  • Downloadable content (22 percent)
  • Podcasts (17 percent)

Over Half of Small Businesses Plan to Publish Visual Content in 2019

It’s no secret that visual content is increasing in importance. The survey found that nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of small businesses said that visuals and company info were the most effective forms of content last year. Fifty five percent said that they planned to publish more visuals in 2019.

As a pool and spa company, there are loads of opportunities when it comes to publishing and sharing visual content. From products and employee photos to behind-the-scenes pool projects and completed poolscapes, your industry is made for images and videos.

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