You want your pool and spa company website (aka your digital storefront) looking its best at all times. To make sure it’s still current, a bit of website redesign may be needed from time to time.

Just like the poolscapes you renovate, your website may also be in need of a bit of an update to remain functional and attractive. Below are 5 clear signs that your website will benefit from a bit of an overhaul:

1. You Haven’t Had a Website Redesign for Years

If your website has remained unchanged for at least three years, there’s a good chance that it will need a bit of an update. Some of these updates include:

  • Location updates (or if you have opened up a new location)
  • New photos of your staff, showroom, products, etc.
  • New services/products offered
  • Awards received
  • Gallery/project photo updates

2. Your Website Looks Terrible on Mobile Devices

Mobile-friendly and responsive websites are a must-have in today’s increasingly mobile world. If visitors have to pinch, scroll or squint to view your content and navigate your site, it needs to be updated.

3. Your Website Doesn’t Match Your Branding

Your website should reflect the look and “feel” of your brand. Over the years your mission or your branding may have evolved. It’s important that your digital presence matches these changes.

4. People Leave Your Website as Fast as They Arrive

If visitors are leaving your website shortly after their arrival (known as having a high “bounce rate”), your site is a good candidate for website redesign.

While it’s true that some visitors will leave because they didn’t intend to visit your website in the first place, more common reasons for leaving include:

  • The website doesn’t feel current (the visitor doesn’t take your business seriously)
  • The look doesn’t match the branding (the visitor is doubting whether or not they are in the right place)
  • The navigation is poor (the visitor can’t quickly find what they’re looking for)

5. Your Website Isn’t Showing up in Search Engine Results

Is your website unseen on page 1 of search page results? Or, even worse, are you unable to find your website on Google at all?

Website redesign goes beyond giving your website a polished and well-branded appearance. It’s also about optimizing your entire website so that it pleases both your visitors and the search engines, giving you the best return on your web presence investment.


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