Remember when the only customer communication you needed to answer was the phone? Maybe you had a few different lines in case things got busy. Sometimes there’d be calls to return when you got into the office in the morning. It all used to be so simple.

More Business Means More Interactions

But now? Customer interactions are coming from all directions. And they’re non-stop. You still have the phone, of course, but you also have email, social media messages, social media comments, webchat, review sites, contact forms, and customers with little patience that expect an answer almost right away. 

We all know the pool and spa industry is booming, which is a huge blessing. But, success has also brought along its own challenges. Not only are customers flooding businesses with tons of new sales, they’re also sending in an overwhelming amount of questions, comments, and reviews.

Bad Communication Means Poor Reviews

Simply keeping up with customer communication can seem like a full-time job. Especially interactions scattered all over the place. Not checking them for just a little while can leave you with a long to-do list that includes jumping back and forth between text messages, your website, and social media channels. 

During the busy seasons for hot tub sales and pool construction, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. It can be easy to miss an important question that needs a response. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, one bad review hanging out there can seriously damage your business. The same is true for not answering customers’ questions. If you don’t reply quickly enough, they’ll likely look elsewhere and likely to your competition. Speed is important.

Today’s Customers Expect Fact Responses

Today’s customers expect fast responses. Nearly two-thirds expect one in 10 minutes or less. They also expect answers to their questions no matter where they ask them, whether it’s by phone, text, web chat, or the ever-popular and growing Facebook Messenger. That’s why it’s crucial to stay on top of the conversation and be proactive in handling customer communication.

How to Simplify Your Customer Communication

That’s what you can do with the All-in-One Inbox from Small Screen Producer, included in our Pro and Premium Internet Reputation Protector packages. With questions coming from multiple directions, the All-in-One Inbox will be your mission control for monitoring and controlling your text messages, webchat, and Facebook Messenger.

Plus, it comes from the leader in pool and spa marketing. At Small Screen Producer, everything we do is backed by years of hands-on experience helping businesses like yours become more successful through online reputation, lead generation, web presence, and more.

As we move into the very near future, actually calling a company on the phone is going to become even more rare. Customers want to text instead of talk and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. (In fact, if you aren’t sending out promotions by text, you really need to be doing that too.) 

That’s why you should include the All-in-One Inbox in your Internet Reputation Protector package from Small Screen Producer.

About Small Screen Producer

Small Screen Producer is dedicated to designing and creating your company’s total web and online presence. As the leading innovator of digital media in the pool and spa industry, we have the experience to capitalize on your unique strengths to help your business succeed. 

We offer a complete line of digital marketing solutions to custom pool builders and pool and spa retailers. These include website design, website development, Google Ad services, Facebook and Instagram Ad services, lead generation tools, email marketing, social media management, reputation management, content marketing, technical services, blog services, copywriting, and comprehensive monthly plans to take your online marketing and advertising off to the next level and off your to-do list.  Contact us today to learn more about boosting your company’s revenue through our four pillars of success that will Position, Pursue, Promote, and Protect your business.