Late last week Android Facebook app users were in for a bit of a surprise.

The long rumored and much in-demand upvote and downvote buttons for comments were available to a select number of Facebook users.

The upvote and downvote buttons are part of Facebook’s attempt to allow the online community to moderate itself. Users can “upvote” useful or thoughtful comments, and they can “downvote” irrelevant, rude or unhelpful comments.


How This Can Help Pool & Spa Companies

With this sort of design, comments with the most upvotes typically appear on top of all other comments. This means that leaving helpful or useful comments for Facebook users will get your pool & spa company a lot more exposure and help you become recognized as a leader both locally and globally.

Another benefit is that these votes will help your pool & spa company filter through and respond to comments. Meaningful comments are easier to find, while comments not worth your attention will land at the bottom.

While this functionality hasn’t been publicly rolled out, its success on other platforms (like Reddit) make it a real possibility for all Facebook users.


How’s Your Facebook Presence Looking?

Having a polished presence on social media goes a long way these days.

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