April has proven to be a busy one for Facebook and Instagram! Both social media networks introduced a number of exciting updates which allow marketers to significantly enhance their online ads.


Instagram Updates for April 2019

Marketers running Story Ads can now add a polling feature to their campaigns. This is a great way for pool and spa companies to engage with audiences, increase brand awareness, and get some valuable insights from both current and potential clients.

The network has also unveiled a number of products that are currently in-testing, including:

  • An interactive co-watching video function
  • A video “scrubbing” option (users can scroll to the part of a video they want to view)
  • A 14-day locking out feature for usernames (this is handy in case you choose to revert back to your old username within those two weeks)


Facebook Updates for April 2019

Facebook rolled out a number of updates, including an announcement that there will be an improved Business Manager and Ads Manager by the end of the year (some marketers can already see changes to their Ads Manager interface).

The network also introduced a new budget-friendly Cost Cap Bidding optimization strategy where marketers can maximize conversions while maintaining the predictability of cost.

Finally, the network gave a nod to the importance of 3D images by allowing all users to share 3D photos to Facebook Stories. The process isn’t nearly as straight-forward as users would like and is time consuming, but it does highlight the importance of having engaging visuals if you want to gain and maintain the attention of your audience.


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