Picture this: a warm summer day, the sun shining brightly, and the serene blue waters of a sparkling pool or spa beckoning for relaxation. In the pool and spa industry, the competition to attract customers is fierce, and the key to success lies in reaching and engaging the right audience. Recent years have shown just how powerful the tool of social media advertising has become. There’s no better way, these days, to connect with customers and build valuable and lasting client-company relationships.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into social media advertising statistics for the pool and spa industry, exploring up-to-date data highlighting the most effective strategies for reaching and captivating your target audience.

The Rise of Social Media Advertising in the Pool and Spa Industry

In recent years, social media platforms have seen explosive growth, with billions of active users across the globe. This surge has transformed how businesses promote their products and services, including those in the pool and spa industry. 

Hootsuite published their 2022 Social Trends Report, claiming 83% of marketers were confident in quantifying the ROI of their social efforts, as they recognize social media’s unparalleled potential to engage with customers. 51.4% of businesses planned to bump their social spending at that point. As well, 55% of marketers claimed their social media ads were fully integrated into their overall marketing strategy. In fact, 65% of businesses had fully integrated organic and paid social efforts overall. You could say they saw the writing on the wall. These marketers realized younger generations turn to social media to research brands more than search engines. They wanted to be in the right place at the right time, and social media is where it’s increasingly at. 

Social media advertising offers unique advantages, such as advanced targeting options, cost-effectiveness, and real-time performance tracking. Facebook and Instagram, two of the most prominent platforms, boast over 3.8 billion and 1.2 billion monthly active users, respectively (Statista, 2023). This vast user base provides an enormous pool of potential customers for pool and spa businesses to tap into.

Leveraging Video Content for Enhanced Engagement

In the quest to stand out from the competition and grab the attention of potential clients, video content has emerged as a game-changer for in social media advertising. A HubSpot study in 2023 revealed that video posts on social media generate up to 10 times more engagement compared to static image or text posts. In fact, just adding a video to a landing page could increase conversions by up to 80% (Dreamgrow.com, 2023). It’s found that roughly 74% of users who watched a product video were found to buy that product. Users retain 95% of a message they learn through video, opposed to the 10% they’ll keep after reading text (insignia, 2023). At this point, can you deny the power of video marketing?

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This presents an exciting opportunity for pool and spa companies to showcase their stunning amenities and services through captivating video campaigns. Consider crafting engaging, short-form videos for your platform. Videos that feature happy customers enjoying their time by the pool or unwinding in a luxurious spa setting. By giving viewers a glimpse of the experiences they could want, you can evoke emotions and inspire action, ultimately driving higher conversions and bookings.

The Power of Influencer Marketing in the Pool and Spa Industry

Influencer marketing has taken the advertising world by storm, and the pool and spa industry is no exception. Collaborating with influencers with a strong following in relevant niches can significantly boost brand awareness and credibility. These days, 49% of consumers rely on social media influencers for product recommendations (Ion, 2023). In fact, current data – and 51% of marketers – suggests that influence marketing helps them inquire about better customers overall. (Smart Insights, 2023)

Harnessing influencer marketing’s power effectively and partnering with lifestyle influencers could be a game changer for the Pool and Spa industry. You’re crafting a narrative, aligning your products and services with their passionate audiences. Their audiences follow them for their “luxurious” experiences and recommendations. Imagine an influencer sharing a stunning photo or video, basking in the sun by a pool. Their relaxing video is then accompanied by a glowing endorsement of your business. Such authentic and relatable content can effectively resonate with the influencer’s audience, increasing interest and engagement with your brand.

The Bottom Line: Social Media Advertising

In the vast and ever-changing landscape of social media advertising, the pool and spa industry has a unique opportunity to make a splash and reach their audiences. Leveraging up-to-date statistics and adopting creative strategies gives you the opportunity to craft a compelling campaign. Your new engagement will yield captivated audiences, and drive business growth.

Remember, staying informed about the latest trends and updates in social media advertising is essential to maintain a competitive edge. With the rise of video content and the power of influencer marketing, these trends can be a game-changer for your pool and spa business. And if you’ve been looking for an in—your search is finally over. Small Screen Producer is here to help: for all your social media needs in the Pool and Spa Industry. Our team of experienced marketers, social media professionals, design gurus, and more will pull all the stops to optimize and boost your online presence. With Small Screen Producer in your corner can focus on what you do best – running your business. Contact us today to get a FREE web presence report, and a consultation to see how we can boost your company TODAY.

Take the plunge into social media advertising and watch your business flourish, turning eager prospects into satisfied customers, one refreshing dip at a time. Happy advertising!

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