In today’s digital age, video content has become integral to marketing strategies for businesses across various industries. Pool and spa companies, in particular, can leverage the power of video to showcase their products, services, and expertise in a captivating and engaging manner. Creating video content can significantly enhance a company’s online presence and boost customer engagement. We’ll explore why pool and spa companies need to incorporate video marketing into their strategies. Then, we’ll delve into five types of videos that can take your online presence to the next level.

Why Create Video Content? 

Video content offers numerous benefits for pool and spa companies. Videos allow businesses to communicate their message effectively and creatively. This makes it easier to showcase the beauty and functionality of your products. 

People are naturally drawn to visual content. In fact, 91% of consumers claim they’d like to see more online video content from brands (Wyzowl, 2023). Generally, videos have a higher chance of capturing viewers’ attention than plain text or static images. With the right content, you can establish yourself as industry experts, build brand trust, and drive more leads and conversions.

  1. Increased Online Visibility: Video content is highly shareable and is favored by search engines. This contributes to better search rankings and increased online visibility.
  2. Improved Customer Engagement: Engaging and informative videos keep customers interested. This leads to longer website visits and higher chances of conversion.
  3. Showcase Products and Services: Videos provide a dynamic way to present pool designs, spa installations, and other services. You’ll be helping customers better understand your offerings, letting your videos speak for themselves.
  4. Establish Expertise: Educational videos that offer valuable tips and advice can position the company as a reliable source of information. With your customer, this will help build credibility. Wouldn’t it be nice to be their go-to? Educational videos can do just that.
  5. Connect with Customers on a Personal Level: Videos allow companies to showcase their personality, culture, and dedication to customer satisfaction. They foster a sense of trust and loyalty, sometimes even before they ever schedule a consultation.

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Now, let’s explore five types of videos that every pool and spa company should consider creating:

Pool Design Showcase

A visually stunning pool design showcase video is a powerful tool. It can demonstrate the company’s expertise and creativity in pool construction, and spark ideas in potential customers. This video can feature compilation of the most exquisite pool designs the company has completed, highlighting various shapes, sizes, and unique features. Or, perhaps just one stunning design – if you feel like the design needs space to showcase, then it should speak for itself. You can enhance videos with background music or narration. Narration gives you the opportunity to explain the inspiration, challenges you faced, or anything else. Effectively, you’re bringing customers into your process, and showing them possibilities for their own backyard oasis.

Step-by-Step Installation

An informative step-by-step installation video is a valuable resource for existing and potential customers. It can cover installing a pool or spa, including excavation, plumbing, electrical work, and finishing touches. This video should be well-paced and easy to follow. You’re allowing viewers to gain insights into the complexity of the installation process and the company’s attention to detail. 

By providing such educational content, the pool and spa company positions itself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner for its customers.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

A series of maintenance tips and tricks videos can benefit pool and spa owners looking to keep their investments in top-notch condition. These videos can cover various topics, such as pool cleaning routines, chemical balancing, equipment maintenance, and winterization. Sharing practical advice allows your company to showcase your comittment to customer satisfaction. Customers can circumvent common issues, demonstrating your value as a company. Their education can in turn foster a long-term customer relationship, as they begin to view you as an expert, or leader within the industry.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial videos featuring satisfied customers sharing their experiences can be highly persuasive and influential. These videos offer a human touch to the company’s marketing efforts, allowing potential customers to relate to people who have benefited from the company’s services. To create authentic testimonial videos, the company should encourage customers to share honest opinions about their experiences, highlighting the pool or spa’s positive impact on their lives.


Behind-the-scenes videos offer a glimpse into the company’s day-to-day operations, team dynamics, and dedication to excellence. Video content humanizes the brand and builds a connection with the audience. Whether it’s showcasing the pool design team brainstorming ideas or the construction crew bringing a project to life, behind-the-scenes videos can make the company more relatable and instill confidence in potential customers.


In the competitive pool and spa industry, video content creation is a game-changer for businesses aiming to stand out and engage their audience effectively. Visual storytelling can allow you to showcase your products, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. From design showcases to maintenance tips and customer testimonials, there’s no shortage of opportunities. A well-rounded video marketing strategy can significantly contribute to the company’s success, driving more leads and fostering lasting customer relationships. 

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