“Rival” Facebook Platforms More Appealing to Younger Audiences

A recent survey conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital revealed what most of us already know: Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform used in the United States.  But what may come as a bit of a surprise is with whom Facebook’s appeal is fading.

Competing Platforms Gaining Traction with the Younger Crowd

The number of people regularly using Facebook in the United States today is well over 170 million.  But while only an estimated 70.4 million people use Snapchat, recent research by LendEdu has shown that younger people prefer Snapchat to Facebook.

The survey found that more than half (58%) of American college students checked their Snapchat notifications first.  After that Instagram was the most likely to be checked first (27%), and Facebook came in at third place with 13%.

Source: LendEDU via eMarketer

Discover What Platforms Your Customers Are Using

Facebook is an important and worthwhile social media platform for a brand to be a part of.  What this research does suggest, however, is that perhaps a greater focus should be placed on other social media networks based on who you are trying to reach.

  •         Twitter: Great for customer service, quickly spreading information, and conducting marketing research
  •         Instagram: A highly visual social media platform that includes unique filters and editing options
  •         Snapchat: A “temporary” posting site with a number of options including Stories (where posts disappear after 24 hours), chat, image storage, media content and messaging
  •         LinkedIn: Ideal for making B2B connections and engaging with other professionals in a variety of industries
  •         Pinterest: Another heavily visually oriented platform that is used primarily by women.  It is popular among those interested in DIY projects, exercise, beauty, fashion, food and photography

Which Social Media Platform Should You Be Using?

Our goal at Small Screen Producer is to create the most effective social media strategy for our clients so that they can reach their business objectives as quickly as possible.  We offer an extensive suite of digital media marketing solutions that will increase your reach, showcase your products and share the story behind your brand.

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