One of the leading questions businesses have is how can they better understand those who visit their website, and how can they create a more engaging experience for their customers?  The answer: A/B testing, but far too many brands fail to conduct this type of testing because they lack resources or because they are not sure how to get started.

According to a recent Google Survey, 45% of small and medium-sized businesses currently do not use A/B testing to optimize their websites.  But Google Optimize has now made it possible for any business of any size to do their own testing quickly and for free.

Free and Easy to Use

Google Optimize features a visual editor which allows website owners to make changes to a website simply by dragging and dropping.  Those who are more advanced can still add JavaScript or CSS rules as well as edit HTML in the tool.

Other features include:

  • Flexible URL targeting capabilities
  • A new URL tester
  • An upgraded improvement overview

How to Analyze Your Results

If you are just starting out with A/B testing, begin by tracking one or more primary goals and a set of secondary goals.  This will give you an idea of the basic performance of variations within Optimize.

As you begin to grow more comfortable with the tool, you can start conducting more advanced tests which track more expansive dimensions and metrics.  You can use these metrics to answer questions like:

  • Is this test performance the same for new visitors as it is for returning visitors?
  • Is there a variation in performance when it comes to the type of browser a visitor is using? Does that indicate a website performance issue for that browser?
  • Is there a variation which performs exceptionally well for a certain source of traffic?

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