LinkedIn is a force of nature on the web. As the biggest and most successful B2B social media channel, it presents many opportunities for companies, business owners, and professionals. Many organizations will be excited to learn about some new marketing and lead generation tools the professional social site is rolling out.

According to Tech Crunch, LinkedIn introduced a new round of exciting marketing tools today. These new set of solutions will expand an already established LinkedIn marketing platform to provide advertisers to reach a broader audience and better potential customers, no matter where they are in the buying cycle.

LinkedIn’s marketing platform is now made up of five components: LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn On-Site Display, LinkedIn Network Display, and Sponsored InMail. Among these products, Lead Accelerator is the most “game-changing” of them all. It allows advertisers to divide an audience into several groups, and deliver ads and content in the right that target specifically to each group.

Russell Glass, the head of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, described the new product as a tool that “allows marketers to capture all the behavior about who’s visiting their website, who’s visiting their landing pages, and combine that with the intelligence LinkedIn has,” he said. “That’s game-changing.”

Early testers of the Lead Accelerator reported that it doubled landing page conversion rates with decreased costs per lead.

In addition to this Lead Accelerator tool, LinkedIn is also introducing a Display Network that would allow advertisers to not only display ads on the LinkedIn itself, but 2,500 publisher sites as well. While Facebook and Twitter are two sites that are also working to give advertisers the same power, LinkedIn is on a different level when it comes to target audience. If you would like to target professionals, LinkedIn will make a big difference for you. Glass points out, “Sales cycles are really long. In the consumer space when someone abandons the cart, you’ve got to get them right away or you’ve lost the opportunity to convert them. In the B2B world, these decision making processes can last for as long as a couple of years.”

LinkedIn’s set of marketing power tools lets you:

  • 1. Reach customers (with On Site Display and Network Display Ads)
  • 2. Nurture customers (with Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail)
  • 3. Acquire customers (with Lead Accelerator)

What do you think of these new tools? Will you be incorporating some of these solutions for your marketing strategy?

Read more about these new LinkedIn marketing solutions in Glass’ blog post.