Remember when we said that Google is focusing on mobile this year? Well we were serious and so is Google, apparently. In addition to a new mobile interface for mobile results that is currently being tested according to reports by Search Engine Land, the search engine is also looking to offer its own wireless services.

According to reports the Wall Street Journal late last month, Google Inc. is preparing to sell wireless services directly to customers, after striking deals with Sprint and T-Mobile. With the understanding that most people are not fond of their carrier service because of the combination of poor network quality and high pricing, Google looking to change that. This new move by the search engine giant is likely to probe the wireless industry and an attempt to cut prices and improve speeds.

It’s not exactly clear how wide the Google wireless services will reach, how much they will cost, and when it will go on sale. However, it’s one of the strongest power moves Google is doing to reach beyond just providing Gmail and YouTube services.

How Google Wireless Services Will Work

Google’s approach with this will be to offer phones that dynamically change between networks, which means that users will be able use Wi-Fi to make calls; once out of range, however, they can make calls and texts using carrier Internet.

The arrangement with Sprint and T-Mobile will allow Google to offer wireless service without taking on the task of building and maintaining a wireless network. In order to pull this off, Google will still need to handle the tasks of billing and customer service, but the results are well worth it.

Although it’s been an 18-month project by Google execs to get this project going, Google Wireless is looking to disrupt the high end of the market with better plans and data options. As more and more people get access to faster, cheaper Internet, they are able to access Gmail accounts, watch YouTube videos, and conduct searches; something that Google can definitely benefit from.