You might be asking yourself, who talks about email anymore? Isn’t email out of date? No.  Email hasn’t lost its pizazz. Effective email marketing is still extremely important for reaching and retaining customers. According to the Direct Market Association, the average ROI for every $1 you spend on email, you get back $40.56. 63 percent of marketers cite email as the best channel that offers ROI. So how do you create compelling emails that build relationships AND muster up monetary value? Here’s how:


6 steps to email marketing


Email marketing helps you digitally engage your audience and push through the clutter of tired, spam-style email marketing. We believe in honest email marketing and have the steps to get you there!

This infographic was created by our friends at Pardot. It shows the great detail and amount of effort that goes into a well-thought email marketing campaign. Our team at Small Screen Producer will research and walk in the shoes of your customers to write powerful, personable emails that will resonate with your audience and accomplish the goals you have for your email marketing campaigns. Let’s get started today!

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