When it comes to your content, it can either fall into one of two categories: time-sensitive content and evergreen content. Time-sensitive content, as the name suggests, is current events such as trends, pop culture, and new product releases or company updates (like carrying a new type of hot tub or opening a new showroom location). This type of content is well known to drive a lot of traffic to your website in a short period of time.

But then there is the other type of content, the “evergreen content.” This is the type of content that will continue to be useful and relevant for a longer period of time. Evergreen content can include:

  • Tips (“X Tips for Clearing Up Cloudy Pool Water”)
  • Lists (“Top Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2019”)
  • How-to’s (“How to Winterize Your Pool”)
  • Surveys (“State of Pool Ownership Report 2019”)
  • FAQs (“How Much The Average Hot Tub Costs”, “How Long Does It Take to Build an Inground Pool”, etc.)

Evergreen content never goes out of style and is well worth your time and investment. The problem is finding that time to invest in this type of content.

If you’re struggling to start with your evergreen content, don’t worry – Pool Marketing Site has you covered.

1. Choose Relatable Topics

The topics you choose should resonate with your audience. For example, if you’re a luxury in-ground pool builder, you won’t want to include information about above ground pools and hot tubs. You may want to write about how long it takes to build an in-ground pool, how to find a reputable luxury pool designer, and so on.

Many of your readers will also be interested in fun facts about pools and pool ownership. You can create content centered around when the first swimming pool was built or a list of the most stunning pools built around the world.

2. Focus on the Right Keywords

The topic of your evergreen post is important. But what may be just as important are the keywords or key phrases you use to support your content.

Choosing the right keywords takes some experience, patience, and know-how. If you have the time to invest in keyword research, it’s a worthwhile endeavor that will send a lot more traffic to your evergreen content and likely to your pool showroom or storefront.

3. Share Your Content

Once your evergreen content goes live, be sure to share it on your company social networks for more attention. It’s also a good idea to check out comments and questions left by potential audiences and clients on other network channels (such as competitor Facebook and Instagram pages), blogs and forums. Reply to their queries and be sure to link back to your evergreen content post.


Creating Quality Evergreen Content Doesn’t Need to Be a Struggle

Pool Marketing Site specializes in creating high-quality evergreen content for pool and spa firms across the globe. Our knowledge and experience in this industry has made us a top choice for pool companies because we know what it takes to produce great results.

For more information about our content marketing services, email us today at info@smallscreenproducer.com or call us at your convenience at (281) 569-4370.