Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a tough, fast-paced game, but it can provide a profitable return on investment if done properly.

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What is PPC?

When you perform an internet search, the first  few search results, usually with a yellowish background, are the paid search results.  All searches underneath these  are the organic, or non-paid, search results.  To the right of the organic searches  are more paid search results.  The higher your ad is on the paid results section, the more money you bid in your PPC campaign.

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How Does PPC Work?

When you jump into the PPC world, you essentially bid on keywords.  Keywords are the words that a person types in the search box when they are performing an internet search. You will need to research independently, or hire a professional digital media agency to research strategic keywords for your business.  Google has tools to help you set up your account and compare keywords.

target your customers|Pay Per Click Research| Small Screen ProducerFor example, if you are an architecture firm that specializes in church design, you would need to research keywords relevant to your business, such as “church design” or “church architecture.”  Choose words that have a high enough search volume.  You would not want to select a keyword to bid on if no one searches with it in the first place.

Once you know what keywords you want to bid on, you need to research how much the going rate is for each keyword.  If “church design” is going for $2.00 a click, you will need to decide what your daily budget will be.  When someone clicks on your PPC ad, your account will be charged $2.00 until your set daily budget expires.  Once it expires, your ad will not appear in the PPC ad space until the next day when your daily budget resets.

How to Get Leads

PPC is not easy.  To be successful, you need constant monitoring, researching, tweaking and testing.  Your success is always going to depend on what your competition is doing. Not to mention, you’re completely at the mercy of Google.

To get leads from your PPC campaigns, your PPC keywords, strategy, ad copy and landing page all need to work hand-in-hand.

  1. Step 1 is getting potential leads to click on your ad.  You need the appropriate keywords, enticing ad copy and a high enough daily budget to be visible to your target audience to get them to click.
  2. Step 2 is taking them to an appropriate landing page on your website.  Do not take them to your homepage.  They clicked on your ad for a reason.  If someone clicked on your ad about church design, they want to land on a page from  your website that discusses your church design services in detail.  If your website is up-to-date and impressive, your chances of acquiring a lead from the click significantly increase.
  3. Step 3 is converting your potential lead into an actual lead.  On your website landing page, create a simple contact form or a “free download for more information” contact form to capture their name and contact information.

Download how to measure PPC success|Small Screen Producer lead generation tacticsAcquiring and converting leads from your PPC efforts takes time and dedication.  If you do hire a digital media agency to handle your PPC campaigns, make sure they practice current industry standards.  The last thing you want is for your ad to be banned because a company did not use ethical practices.  There are several “black hat” companies that offer PPC, so it’s not always wise to go with the lowest price.  Research potential agencies, interview them,  and go with your gut on the most honest and trustworthy company.

At Small Screen Producer, we offer competitive rates on PPC management and pride ourselves on our high standards.  We would love to be considered in your research and interview process. If you are interested in learning more about PPC, please contact us.

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