Video is one of the most powerful mediums to help communicate your message. By telling a compelling message through the use of great shot selection, music, sound effects, and graphics, your written website site content can take on a whole new level of selling power. People love to watch videos to learn more about a product, how to use it, and to watch people share their experiences with a product and service. Video rocks!

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Video with proper keywords inserted to the descriptive text is one of THE BEST search engine optimization tools in your social regimen. Not only does video beautifully communicate your work, but it also exponentially boosts your website traffic and search engine presence. You can also annotate your video allowing you to add more information about you, your product or service and contact information.

The type of video content you can have is endless, but for marketing purposes, there are a few that stand out.

  1. Video Introduction informing visitors who you are – This video is usually the owner or CEO of your company explaining who you are and why your website visitors should care about you. A message from your CEO brings personality and reachability to your company. Visitors feel welcomed and ready to learn more. Check out how the Pool Man Inc. uses video to introduce their company and practices to establish assurance and trust.
  2. Video Testimonial – A video testimonial is one of the most important videos you can have. In today’s market full of social media expressing personal brand experiences, a video testimonial is an engaging way to win over your site visitors.  Just look at some of the television commercials from top brands like Tide who show real people expressing their experience with their product. Tide’s “My Tide TV Commercial – Tide Dad” featuring a stay-at-home dad received positive attention in our tough economy where traditional roles have shifted.  You can show the same compelling evidence about your product with a video testimonial from real and relatable customers.  This video can be placed on your website and social media networks for its engaging and viral potential.
  3. Featured Project – A featured project video has two benefits; showing a beautiful piece from your portfolio and showing your credibility to the craft.  You can stand in front of what you built and explain the process and attention to detail. Rather than saying within the text of your website that you know what you’re doing, a featured project video will show it. Take a look at how John Pack with Pack Pools runs with this concept in his featured project video.
  4. Experiential Video – This type of video sells the experience. When it’s cold and dreary outside, it’s hard to imagine a picturesque pool in your backyard.  An experiential video captures the emotions and mindset that everyone wants when they think of building their pool.  As a pool builder, you’re selling the experience, and nothing does that better than video.
  5. Video Contest – Have a little fun with your video usage. You don’t have to be the only one creating videos! You have tons of creative customers who would love to apply their skill to a fun and engaging contest.  Take Hayward for example who we helped create a video contest on their Facebook page. The contest encouraged their fans to create a video about their Hayward story and garner the most votes.  In order to get votes, the fans had to campaign to their entire social circle – hence spreading the word about Hayward.  They had quite a handful of submissions and a huge spike in viral activity. They are even able to use those videos for marketing purposes as user-generated marketing content. Let your fans do your marketing for you!
  6. FAQ Video – One way to capture your audience before and after the sale is through video that addresses popular frequently asked questions that your customers are asking.  See the Backyard Living playlist and videos we created for Lew Akins.
  7. Product Demonstration – If you have a retail side of your business, consider making product demonstration videos.  These videos can be informational and helpful, or they can be outlandish and viral.  Take BlendTec’s “Will it blend?” YouTube campaigns for example.  By blending anything and everything, this company made a blender of all things popular and entertaining.  Their “Will it blend – iPhone” video has garnered over 10 million views and their “Will it blend – iPad” has over 13 million views.  Slap Chop made a food chopper relevant to pop culture with 4 million views and a user-generated “remix” that garnered 13 million views, 9 million more than the original.

YouTube is a perfect home for your videos.  It’s the world’s second largest search engine and is owned by Google. You can keyword tag and title every video. You can also write strategic and key worded “About Us” copy on your YouTube Channel, on each playlist and each video.  Each video is easily shareable with a great potential of going viral, like the BlendTec and Slap Chop product demonstration videos.  Slap Chop’s user-generated “remix” gave the company 13 million views on social sharing alone, like South Pool and Spa’s surprise video that accumulated over a hundred of likes in one week!

One of the amazing things about YouTube is that you can embed the videos you have posted right on your website without having to slow down your site’s speed.  Your website essentially acts as a picture frame for the video content, and doesn’t have to house it anywhere on its back-end.  If your website is social media optimized, site visitors can share your video to their entire network with a click of a button.

Embedding an array of videos on your website will increase the amount of time of visitors spend on your site.  Stand out in the crowd, go viral and move up in the search engines with video.

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