Did you know that Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media network and has the 4th largest referral traffic source in the world; more than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing and Google combined? According to VatorNews, referral traffic refers to visitors to a website that came from direct links on other websites, such as Pinterest or Facebook.

In the world of social media, every couple of years, we get to see “the next big thing.” Pinterest is the fastest growing social network today. One of the beauties of this network is that no matter what life stage people are in, they will still be able to use Pinterest for business, surfing and bookmarking needs.

For example, a woman could be getting married and pinning wedding ideas that appeal to her. Then she could be looking for a home to purchase with the new hubby and looking for home décor ideas. Then after purchasing a fixer-upper, she can use Pinterest for renovation ideas. Then it’s baby time, then healthy eating for her and said baby, and the cycle continues for as long as she needs word of mouth ideas from other women on the planet. This means your business can be relevant to her when she hits that stage of life and she can share and pass you to others once she’s moved on.

We could write an article all day long as why we think women like Pinterest, but instead we ventured on the street to find why some real women use and like Pinterest.

“Because it lets me organize things in a visual way. I can see how colors, patterns and textures look together as well as ideas and concepts for a variety of life areas.” -Kelsey W.

“I like to see what other people like. I use it when I need ideas for things like makeup, hair and clothes.” -Marissa B.

“I like how I can browse by whatever topic I’m interested in at the moment. I can look at house ideas one minute and switch to healthy cooking recipes the next. I don’t have to go to a bunch of different sites to find what I want. It’s all right there.” –Elizabeth R.


So how do you make your brand relevanton Pinterest? Follow these 5 quick tips:

 1. Be strategic.

Make a plan before you ever join Pinterest. First decide who will be responsible for maintaining your account. Then decide on a content strategy. You’ll want to be sure you have a healthy balance of pinning about yourself and pinning what others post. Build your following base (who you follow) for content ideas and interaction.

 2. Be social.

Pinterest is a social network…that means you need to be social! Pin content that encourages interaction be it “likes,” “repins,” or comments. “Like,” “repin,” or comment on others’ pins. Thank those who interact with you and start conversations.

 3. Be visual.

Make your content visually appealing. Turn boring content into infographics. Create catalogs of your products that lead pinners to your website. In some cases, it’s good to include the price of your products in order to prequalify the leads that visit your website. Create offers, special or coupons that are creative to grab attention.

 4. Be SEO optimized.

First you’ll need to check your settings and make sure your pins are set to public. With each of your pins, include relevant keywords, descriptions, website links and contact info. You can also make your website “pin-able” by adding the “pin it” button to relevant pages or images.

 5. Be knowledgeable.

Utilize publishing and analytical tools such as Pinstamatic to schedule your pins. Space out your pins so you can better measure the best time to pin and measure what content it most popular. Check your Google Analytics to see what’s driving traffic to your website.

marketing with Pinterest| Small Screen Producer

Getting people to your website is not the end of the road. In order for your referral traffic to be worth something, you need to practice inbound marketing tactics such as lead nurturing campaigns to keep your visitors interested until they purchase. You don’t know if people are browsing Pinterest and clicking to your website in between meetings or waiting for the kids to get out of school. They may not be ready for a purchase right then and there, and that’s where effective lead nurturing campaigns can come into play. Learn more about lead nurturing here.

Pinterest is all about content.

Content marketing enables you to become a trusted expert or favorite among your consumers. When pinners visit your website, it’s because they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer; not because they were tricked with keyword stuffing or a misleading ad. Capitalize on their visit with lead generation and lead nurturing practices, and you could really turn Pinterest into a profitable investment of your time.

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