We all know that social media is a powerful tool for building brand awareness, generating website traffic, and every so often, generating leads; the latter being the most challenging for most marketers. With the right approach, however, social media can actually provide a business with the right type of leads for any business, for both prospective customers and employees. Here are three ways you can gather not only more leads, but the right ones for your specific business.

Choose the Right Keywords

What makes social media so popular is that it’s social – it provides all users with a level of transparency and helps build closer relationships between brands and customers through conversation. And one of two main components of having a conversation is listening.

  • Set up a social media monitoring program to alert you when your brand name, competitor’s brand name, and product categories are mentioned. Try and think of long-tail keywords, which will give you better qualified leads.
  • Listen to the conversations that unfold on social media. You’d be so surprised at how many times keywords and your brand name are mentioned on the web leads and customers.
  • Once you have a firm grasp, begin contributing with a conversational approach. This may not get you a sale right away, but will help you nurture prospect relationships and help position your brand as the expert in the community. Leads will find you when they’re ready to buy and by reaching out to them first, you’ll be at the top of mind.

In addition, placing keywords that are related to your business can help you protect your online reputation as well. By keeping tabs on what users are saying about you, you have the power to address and resolve the issue quickly, which can prove to be immensely beneficial.

How to Catch the Right Leads for Your Business Through Social Media | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

Craft the Right Message

The right content you post on your social media properties will determine the level of engagement you receive. No need to be overly promotional when generating more leads. Sales pitch after sales pitch won’t get anyone to buy your products or trust what you’re saying if the pitches are brought up too early in the process. Establish yourself as the expert with the resources and the helpful information first. Once you’ve established credibility, leads will more likely to approach you wanting to discuss more.

  • Create a balance between regular sales-type posts and conversational posts by making sure you take some time to reach out to users who are talking about related products and services in your industry.
  • Don’t treat all social networks the same; each social networking site has their own range of one-of-a-kind benefits. Facebook is great for content promotion and engagement, like adding an eBook download, email subscriber button, video, or survey. Twitter is great for immediate responses to questions and keywords and is where you can get away with more posts throughout the day. Don’t forget to encourage sharing by including share plugins.

Build the Right Purchasing Funnel 

Okay, so once a prospect has been reached out to, spoken to, and they’re ready to purchase, this is where the hard part comes in, which is converting that lead into a customer. One of the reasons why a lead never becomes a customers is that there isn’t a simple lead generation tool or a purchasing process they can go to. Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media channel provides businesses with the basic skeleton, but it’s up for the business to add calls-to-action to a landing page or website for the user to get more information.

  • When social users visit your social media page, make sure they know exactly where to go to learn more about how to buy. Rule of thumb: the final purchasing page should only take 3 clicks from the initial place of contact.
  • Make sure the final landing page is approachable, easy to understand, and user-friendly. Social users want more specific content then other regular site visitors and they want images, simple copy, and more obvious call-to-action buttons.

Using social media to gather more business for your company is definitely not new, but to maximize the profitability and ROI that it provides through lead generation takes a bit of the right approach. After all, this is social media is a different breed from your traditional lead generation tactics, but has the ability to bring you just as much success.

How are you monitoring your social media? Learn more about Small Screen Producer’s online reputation management services, which can help you manage what users are saying about your business through online reviews and social media posts. 

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