Just ten years ago in 2003, LinkedIn was just a small, budding social media site set out for to conquer the online professional networking market. Now, as of June 2013, LinkedIn has not only conquered that world with over 238 million members in more than 200 countries and territories, but it’s become the sought-out destination for business networking, hiring, and even financing. And with its recent homepage and interface redesign, new mobile apps, and endorsement features, the growth spurt is just beginning for the social media site.

Many businesses will find major success with this one-of-a-kind platform, but it takes a bit of strategy. Whether you’re looking to fix up and strengthen your current Business Page or wanting to start from scratch, here are few key strategies to consider to make sure your page ranks among the best. 

1. Perfect Your Branding 

The first thing to look at when building or rebuilding your Business Page is making sure your branding is spot on. Those who visit your LinkedIn page are trying to find out more about your company and will first see your cover image, profile, and updates.

  • LinkedIn allows you to place a cover image on your main home page and allows you to upload a smaller avatar version for updates and posts. Choose these carefully and make sure they fit properly.

Images should follow these specifications: 

Banner Image:

• 646×220 pixels PNG/Jpeg/GIF Max 2 MB

Logo Image:

• 100×60 pixels PNG/Jpeg/GIF Max 2 MB

Banner images should be attractive, informational, an quick to grasp.

  • Not many businesses know this, but if you’re a multi-location brand, you can add up to five different locations on your page. This can help users find you if they use the LinkedIn search filter to narrow down their search results by location.
  • Ensure all links on your Business Page to your other online properties are working properly.

2. Get Down to Business 

Since LinkedIn is mainly a hub for those who have a business purpose, if you post anything other than business-related or that’s not exactly to-the-point, you could turn people off. Present your products and services in a way that’s easy to understand. Post blogs that are relevant to helpful to the business prospects who are following you. Every social media platform has its own etiquette – keep in mind that LinkedIn is a place where people would like to find a job, hire someone for a job, grow their business, brand their companies, and find new vendors and suppliers. B to B is really the hot spot for LinkedIn.

  • Harness the power of the highlighted testimonial and recommendations that LinkedIn provides by asking customers for reviews and recommendations via the Request Recommendations module.
  • The Products and Services tab on your page provides businesses with a slider that can display up to three clickable banners – these can be used for valuable calls-to-action that lead to three different landing pages, each with different offerings. 

5 Tips for Creating the Best LinkedIn Business Page | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

  • Add a different demonstrative video for each product entry for prospects to gain a better grasp of what you’re offering to them.

3. Tweak Your Content 

One of the ways to receive more views and visits on your page is adding in key words to improve your page’s searchability on the site. Words that a user is most likely to type in naturally will place you at the top of a search results page.

  • Just like search engine optimization, use words customers are most likely to use naturally and avoid keyword or buzzword stuffing.
  • Adding a high-res short company overview video that summarizes your company’s offerings will do wonders. A branded video engages the user and encourages them even more to press the “follow” button.

4. Create Your Own Group

One of the many appeals of LinkedIn is that it allows users to openly discuss and ask questions about various professional and industry-related topics. And LinkedIn groups are the ideal place to begin those types of conversations. Creating a LinkedIn group dedicated to your line, business or industry is a great way to build authority with your posts and comments.

  • Brainstorm topics you’d want your group to be about- this should take a bit of research. Search under the LinkedIn Group Directory to see what has already been talked about. See what groups are active and have a decent number of members and which ones do not. Narrowing a topic down or creating a twist on your topic can attract more people to participate and learn more. 
  • Include keywords in your group description to help people find it. Remember to post some content before promoting the group in the Group Directory, such as upcoming events, panel discussions, and posts so users can get a taste of who you are.

5. Get Active

Just like any other social media platform, to maximize the amount of engagement that happens on your LinkedIn page, you’ll need to stay active and post regularly. Luckily, there are many marketing platforms out there now, like Hubspot, that will auto-post blogs and social media posts for you onto your LinkedIn Page. Your web presence works best when all of your pieces are connected into one, huge, integrated machine.

  • Add social plugins to pages on your website and blog to allow users to quickly share content on various platforms, including LinkedIn. This also allows you to drive more traffic to your LinkedIn page. The “follow” button for LinkedIn can be found at developers.linkedin.com.

5 Tips for Creating the Best LinkedIn Business Page | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

  • Get your company’s employees involved on your Business Page. This can help establish a company culture and increase your company’s visibility. Just have them add the company name to their personal LinkedIn profile and have them share and “like” updates. 
  • Post important information, comments, and tips on a regular basis – remember to create the content in a way that appeals to a business or business owner. Don’t be afraid to include a tone or voice in your content, which will help place you in an authoritative or expert role.

Finally, to make sure your page is performing at its best (even after all the above changes), by staying updated with your LinkedIn Analytics, which offer a bounty of insights, such as engagement %, demographics, competitor comparison to help you focus and improve your strategy.

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