A new Google AdWords form extension has been discovered by our PPC advertising team at Small Screen Producer! Users can now perform an internal site search of the advertiser’s web site right from the search engine results page. After the user types in his or her query and clicks, “Search Now,” they’re taken to a products search results page on the advertiser’s site. This ‘product search results’ page essentially becomes the landing page for the user.

Google is Testing a New AdWords ‘Site Search' Extension for PPC | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

This is a powerful tool that could exponentially increase click-throughs to retailer websites with category keywords. To see true success with this PPC ad extension, advertisers will have to make sure they have proper configuration for their website’s internal search platform. Even though this is in the beta stages, this is an important reminder to revisit your website and make sure that it has proper on-site search optimization!

Need a refresher on the basics and benefits of Google AdWord ad extensions? Take a look at this helpful Google video below the full list of ad extension options you can add to your PPC campaigns.