In the wake of the new fourth generation iPad, the iPad mini, we would like to discuss the importance of going mobile with tablet-friendly websites.

What make tablets so popular is the mobility, sleek design and usability. According to the International Data Corporation, “by 2015 more U.S. web users will access the internet through mobile devices than by using personal computers.” The mouse-less, keyboard-less usage of the tablet makes it the go-to device to use on-the-go to stay on top of current events, social media and downloading the latest apps. The challenge is making your website touch-screen friendly. Here are some important tablet optimization factors to keep in mind when designing your new mobile-friendly, touch-screen website.


The screen size of a tablet may limit what customers can see on your website but that doesn’t mean you can’t scale, simplify and improve the design to fit the smaller screen size.


Tablet users will need easy and simple navigation in order to get a full range and use of your website. Make the navigation large, readable and understandable. The buttons to your website pages need to be fingertip-sized so that there is no difficulty clicking through the website. Your customers should feel an easy transition from page to page with your tablet-friendly website, much like your online version.


There is a happy medium to the typography of your content for your tablet-friendly website. The font cannot be too large that it forces your customers to scroll heavily on the page and it cannot be too small that the customers are constantly zooming in to read your content. You must find the happy medium that customers will not get frustrated with.

Less is More

When considering content for your tablet website, you want to keep it simple and avoid content that might slow down and drive away your audience. For instance, avoid using Flash on your tablet-friendly website because some tablets are not compatible with it. Limiting the type of tablet that can view your website will hurt your audience reach, so keep it simple!

Test it Out

An important step to launching your tablet-friendly website is testing it out. Our team at Small Screen Producer runs multiple tests on our web presence creations in order to fully optimize and guarantee that the site is functioning correctly.

Join the movement and reach the tablet audience with a website that is mobile, functional and digitally engaging. Learn more about our tablet-friendly sites and how you can revamp and improve your web presence with mobile marketing.