Since 360 degree video hit the scene in 1995, it has revolutionized the way we are able to view videos online.  Both YouTube and Facebook now offer 360 degree video platforms, and it is expected that the popularity of this technology is going to continue to rise over the next several years.

What Studies Have Shown Us About 360 Degree Videos

A number of studies have been performed comparing 360 degree videos to fixed frame or traditional video.  One study from Magnifyer found the following:

  • The cost per 1000 impressions is significantly lower for 360 degree video ($4.20 for fixed frame compared to $1.74 for 360 degree video)
  • The click through rate was much higher for 360 degree video (4.51% compared to 0.56%) even though the thumbnail image and copy was identical for both the 360 degree video and the fixed frame video
  • The average percentage of videos viewed was 28.81% higher with 360 degree video

Google Weighs in on 360 Degree Video Debate

Google partnered with Columbia Sportswear to see if 360 degree video drove more engagement than a standard advertisement.  Their research found:

  • 360 video ads motivate viewers to watch for longer
  • The interaction rate was higher for 360 video ads and drove more engagement
  • 360 degree videos are more likely to be shared and to lead to an increased number of subscriptions and additional video views (360 ads in this one study drove 41% more “earned actions” than a standard advertisement)

Are 360 Degree Videos Right for Your Business?

There are clear benefits to having 360 degree video content be a part of your marketing strategy.  This technology can be incorporated into a number of marketing campaigns, such as interactive video tours and even live event filming.

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